Top 5 Photo Retouching Steps for Beginners

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Feeling and the story of a photo retouching

What is the feeling and the sorry that you want to tell with your photo? so a feeling is anything’s from like, oh I want it to feel dark and moody and dangerous or I want it to feel bright and energetic of I want the story to tell a story from oh I want this person here to be looking at this person to show that they’re in love, for example, It is a wedding photo. That is really the story.  it might seem silly to just think about these things. But get it in your head beforehand because it will affect everything you do in the photo retouching process. So always think about the feeling and store your image. Photo Retouching Steps for beginners

You can look at the style of your photos

Remember it to do you want it to be the style of a corporate headshot or in the style of a wedding magazine or the style of a fashion magazine. Now you might think what you mean in a style of. Well look, shooting say a wedding the people don’t just want basic wedding photos, they want their photos to be like the ones that they see in the magazines of the style of that. So think about that is it in the style of a surfer magazine. For example, so that’s going to be high contrast lots of bright colors and often lots of green in there. So always think about this style of the photograph really important.

Who, What, Where and Probably Why?

This is important who is it for, what is it for and where is it for? This is going to affect so many things. The previous two points will affect your color toning, your grading You’re the feeling of the image. This will affect your finishing. So all the sharpening anything like this the way that you crop the image the way that you export the image is really important. Because if it’s going to be a black going to go into a magazine in the black and white print, which is really low-quality for a school. Then turns it into a black and white image and doesn’t and kind of sharpen a little more because it’s going to be a low- quality. Really simple! So that’s what I would always think about who is it for? Is it gonna be in a printed in a book is it only going to be used on the web is it gonna be for children, is it going to be for adults it’s important to know these things.

The shortest route to the Retouch

Now you’ve figured out the style of the feeling, the grading, the finishing and all of those things. What is the quickest way to get there? Because you don’t want to go well I’ll start-up in Lightroom and do a few retouches. And then I’m going to have to export it and get it into Photoshop. We’re going to add some elements and do some tweaking some liquefying and bring it all the way back. Do some more color toning and I’m going to change the color inside HSL, and they’re going to change the calibration and then going to go back and do some tones curve too many things. Think about that’s the quickest route. For example, you might go okay it is a portrait, so I’m going to take straight into Photoshop. I’m going to sort out any blemishes and do a nice clean up there and maybe liquefy a few things. If we need to open up and eye then we’re going to take into Lightroom, and we’re going to do the basic options at the top and then the next thing we’re going to do is use the tone curve to do our color grading, and then we’ll do our finishing that’s it. So decide the quickest route so that when you start you’re starting from the right point.

Use the correct image to Retouch

We’re always thinking at the result it’s about what we’re giving to the clients or putting on the internet or printing. So always think about those things. Creativity within retouching doesn’t come from randomly trying lots of different things. I don’t think that’s where creativity and retouching come from. Creativity and Retouching come from challenging yourself using new techniques and new styles and having that to discover new ways of using Lightroom and automatically that will filter into your retouch. I see wrote it down as a concise sentence the discovery is not in random retouching is in the challenging of new styles and techniques. So that’s really what I think about this. Now if you like my techniques or have a suggestion please leave me to comment and tell me what you think. Also, if there’s something that I’ve missed out please let me know in the comments.

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Photo Retouching Steps for beginners

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